I’ve always wanted to learn how to play guitar for beginners.

When I was a kid I looked up to my uncle, he had the coolest band around and every time they would come over they would make a huge fuss out of me. They treated me like a king and it felt good until one day when they called me aside. That’s when they told me that I wasn’t their blood relative but simply the product of one night stand with their lead singer who is currently living in Alaska as far as I know. My life changed from then on especially when his wife found out about us..

So anyway, after learning that truth about myself I grew really depressed and turned to music because it was something we both loved so much. During my teenage years I taught myself how to play guitar for beginners and would perform at neighborhood jams. It was a lot of fun but I never really took it seriously until one day when an opportunity came knocking on my door.

It was a chance to audition for the newest boy band being formed in town by none other than that lead singer from before who wanted me to join her band as the lead guitarist. The moment she saw me, she started screaming like a fangirl and dragged me off stage before making me take a quick makeover session with her stylist who gave me a complete makeover which included hair dye, new clothes and shoes not to mention makeup..

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